Project Finance

The project finance practice within Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP encompasses a wide range of projects that rely on revenues derived from a project to secure project debt. These projects often rely on a complex set of relationships covering planning, siting, permitting, construction and operation of a project, financing the project, and marketing output of the project. Sponsors of these projects are municipalities and private developers, or combinations of government and the private sector in public/private partnerships. The unifying element of these projects is that the project is self-sustaining without recourse to taxes, assessments or a corporate balance sheet to support the debt. Frequently risks are allocated among a number of project participants, including developer, design-build contractor, owner, operator, and purchasers of output.

The Firm has represented clients on numerous projects, including fossil fuel fired and alternative fuel fired electric generating facilities, alternative energy facilities, drinking water and wastewater plants and systems, processing plants, composting facilities for solid waste and other organic materials, waste-to-energy facilities, roads and other transportation facilities, paper reprocessing facilities, airport facilities, educational facilities, sports stadiums, hospitals and other health care facilities, and virtually every other kind of physical improvement that private and governmental entities undertake. The Firm's clients include municipalities and private companies developing projects and underwriters structuring financing for projects.

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